HILLSBOROUGH, NB–The group Water and Environmental Protection for Albert County isn’t giving up their fight against fracking.

Village council members in Hillsborough are offering up their support.

A motion was put on the table at last night’s meeting, calling on the provincial government to stop all approved gas and oil activities in the vicinity.  They are demanding a meeting with Energy Minister Craig Leonard in the next week.

Jim Reid is a member of the group WEPAC.  He says shale gas exploration is expected to begin over the next few months, and time is running out to stop it.

“Our situation is bad here, in the fact that Contact Exploration says they are going to be starting March or April, despite what the Energy Minister is saying, that it is nothing to worry about.  The provincial government don’t have to rules in place, they aren’t proven and they don’t have the means to monitor.”

The provincial government has said that they will not be doing any horizontal drilling or fracking this year, but a spokesperson for Contact Exploration has told members of WEPAC, that they will be doing both.

Residents in Hillsborough are concerned that shale gas will contaminate their water supply and make it undrinkable.