BATHURST, N.B. – The restructuring of the Vitalite Heath Network could reach beyond the administrative jobs expected to be eliminated in the first year and a half of the organization’s plan.

President and CEO Rino Volpe says they’ll be cutting 400 jobs from within the network over the next three years, mostly through retirements, including five vice-presidents and various other positions in the senior management team.

And, while Volpe says there are no plans to cut doctors in the coming years, he believes staffing levels for nurses need to be re-assessed.

“In terms of number of nurses per 100,000 citizens, we would be roughly about over 2,000 nurses higher than if we were at the Canadian average.”

Volpe says the restructuring will save the health authority $24-million annually, and will enhance engagement between staff, physicians and patients.

Vitalite currently has more than 6,000 full-time employees.