MONCTON, NB–The theft of more than $800 worth of gas, now means that Mathew Dennis Oliver Power will have to do without his vehicle.

Power appeared in a Moncton courtroom yesterday, to be sentenced for 12 counts of theft and one charge of being in possession of a stolen licence plate.

He stole gas from over eight gas stations in Greater Moncton last year in “Gas and Go” incidents.

Power’s sentence included a one-year conditional sentence with four months house arrest, and he was placed on probation for one year and ordered to pay restitution for the gas that he stole.

He also forfeited his car to New Brunswick’s Attorney General.

Crown Prosecutor Michel Leblanc says people need to know, if they are going to steal gas from local businesses, then the Crown is going to come after their cars.

Leblanc stated in court that because gas and go incidents are so common in this community, they want to deter this type of behaviour, and they went after Power’s car as an added deterrent.