FREDERICTON, N.B.- The national president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees says Canada Pension Plan benefits should be doubled.

Paul Moist is attending the National Summit for Pension Reform in Fredericton.

He says the C-P-P is a good plan but it only replaces 25 per cent of a worker’s income.

He says it needs to be improved. “We’ll all have to pay a bit more”, says Moist. “Every employer in Canada will have to pay a bit more and the 11 million folks who went to work this morning who don’t don’t have a workplace plan and aren’t going to get one will be better served by that”.
The union says it is in favour of an increase to CPP contributions.

But Ted Menzies, the federal minister of state for finance, says that would require the support of a majority of the
provinces, and that’s not the case right now.