FREDERICTON, NB – Premier David Alward isn’t saying what should happen next in his predecessor’s conflict of interest
case but he does want to know where the current Liberal leader stands.

On Monday, the conflict of interest commissioner ruled that former Liberal premier Shawn Graham was in a conflict when he
approved $50 million in loan guarantees in 2009 for the construction firm Atcon.

Patrick Ryan said Graham should have removed himself from cabinet discussions over the loan guarantees because his father was a director of a subsidiary of Atcon.

Today, Alward wouldn’t comment on Ryan’s recommendation of a reprimand and $3,500 fine, saying that will be up to the legislature to decide.

But he does want to know where Liberal Leader Brian Gallant stands on the recommendation.

Gallant issued a statement on Monday that accepted Ryan’s decision and agreed that even the perception of a conflict should be avoided.