FREDERICTON – A report released today says former premier Shawn Graham broke provincial rules because of
his involvement in his government’s decision to give financial help to Atcon.

New Brunswick conflict of interest commissioner Patrick Ryan released his report into the allegations from 2009 when Graham’s Liberal government gave a $50 million loan guarantee to the Miramichi-based construction company.

Ryan says Graham should have removed himself from cabinet discussions over the loan guarantee because his father was a director of Atcon’s Swedish subsidiary Vanerply, and a paid consultant of Vanerply and other Atcon companies.

Ryan says it was Graham’s responsibility to know if his father was connected to Atcon at the time, even though he didn’t check.

Atcon went bankrupt in 2010 depsite the loan guarantee.

Ryan recommends Graham be reprimanded and receive a fine of $3,500.

Graham issued a statement saying the fault was an “oversight” on his part and he accepts full responsibility for his actions.