MONCTON, NB—Public works crews are going to be very busy over the next few days getting a handle on the snow that fell in the region’s latest storm system..

About 27 centimetres had fallen in Greater Moncton as of early this morning.

The plows have been out since yesterday afternoon and Public Works Supervisor Mayhew Lloy says they are still trying to keep the main roads clear.  The blowing snow has posed a problem, and this weekends storm was more difficult than last.

“More of a challenge because we’ve had a lot of moisture in this snow.  The snow last week, was fluffier and easier to clean.   This week, we’ve got heavier snow which is creating more of a challenge because it’s more difficult to get off the road.”

Codiac Transpo services resumed at noon today,and many other businesses are also open for the afternoon.

Lloy says today they’ll focus on keeping the main routes open.

“Those are the ones that usually drift the worst.  The back streets are generally more protected by the houses and trees, and once they’re cleared, the snow doesn’t tend to drift in so much.”

But you should enjoy the next couple of days, because our Meteorologist Richard Zurawski says there is another system expected to roll into our region this week.

“We’re going to get something on Wednesday, and what we’re going to get I”m not quiate sure, but it looks like it is deepening.  Then,  next week, looks like we’re going to get another disturbance.”