FREDERICTON, NB–Premier David Alward is confident that the new rules surrounding shale gas development are the strongest in Canada.

Yesterday, the New Brunswick government introduced 97 rules to govern oil and gas exploration in the province.

New regulations state that if a water supply is compromised, then the province would work to fix it, and then go after the oil or gas company for reimbursement.

Premier Alward says they turned to other province for guidance on this issue.

“We looked to Alberta and BC during the development of the new regulations to find out where there have been issues in the past and what we can do to help mitigate or reduce the level of risk of that happening in the future so you can get that level of confidence.”

He says they have to ensure that fracking is done safely in the Province of New Brunswick.

“We have a responsibility to our people to ensure that development is done in a responsible way.  I also have that responsibility to grow prosperity in New Brunswick and I’m looking forward  to being able to see that responsible development take place.”

Alward is optimistic that shale gas exploration will benefit the province of New Brunswick.

“That’s why we are moving forward in a responsible way with shale gas because we know what access to natural gas means for our economy long term and how it literally has the potential to change out province.”