SAINT JOHN – A spokesman for CAA in Atlantic Canada is concerned that some Canadians vacationing in Florida will not take a newly-discovered law seriously.

The law requires any non-resident, including Canadians, to have an international driving permit in addition to their regular licence when driving in that state.

CAA’s Gary Howard said the Florida Highway Patrol is not expected to enforce the law, but other police organizations have not made the same promise.

Howard said there are insurance issues, too.

“Technically, if you don’t have an IDP (International Driving Permit) today and you’re driving in Florida, you’re not properly licensed,” Howard said, speaking on The Todd Veinotte Show. “So, technically, an insurance company could deny a claim.

“That’s a concern for us as well.”

Howard said the auto club issued about two thousand permits yesterday alone – the same number issued in an average year.

Florida lawmakers have the said the intent of the law is to make it easier for police to deal with drivers from all over the world.

Howard says the lawmakers also failed to recognize that the majority of Canadian licenses are issued in English.

He was also critical of Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, which issued a release saying Canadians would not need the licenses now that the highway patrol won’t enforce it.