FREDERICTON, N.B. – Emergency rooms in New Brunswick will not be closing.

That message from Deputy Premier Paul Robichaud… delivered during an interview with a French language newspaper.

Last month, Health Minister Ted Flemming took heat after suggesting that the majority of New Brunswickers would still be within an hours drive of an ER if the province cut the number of facilities from 22 to 15.

Flemming, in a recent interview on the Todd Veinotte Show, says his position on the topic has not changed but adds it would not be easy to decide which ER’s to trim from the system.

“There’s the age of the population, the health of the community. There’s a lot of issues to consider.”

Robichaud stands firm by his comments and says the Alward government will not accept any recommendations to cut emergency rooms in the next provincial budget which will be tabled in March.