MONCTON, N.B. – New Brunswick’s lone Liberal MP says “major surgery” will be needed in a decade to fix what he calls large population discrepancies from riding to riding.

Dominic LeBlanc spoke to McLean in the Morning today about a recent report that aims to reflect the province’s changing demographics and the growing power of its cities and suburbs by changing riding boundaries.

LeBlanc says he doesn’t think democracy is well served if there’s a huge difference in population between ridings.

“If you say democracy is one person, one vote…when I vote in the House of Commons my vote is equal to somebody else who may represent 65% of the population that I do.  It dilutes the principle of one person, one vote.  It’s a struggle right across the country.”

And, even though the Beausejour MP says he supports the report, he doesn’t think the plan will stand up in the long-term.