SAINT JOHN, N.B.- A 27 year old Saint John woman who says she is the person involved in the shocking story this week of an infant being left outside in the cold is telling her side of the story.

The incident has garnered headlines across the country.

Caleigh Shea tells Global News she had returned from the store on Monday night and briefly put the infant car seat on the ground to deal with her other children. “I took the two heavier ones and put them inside the door and in my porch and unzipped their jackets so that they wouldn’t fall over and they would be OK”, says Shea. “I turned around and came back out the door to grab my daughter which was sitting right by my door, and she was not there”

A neighbour had apparently heard a crying baby and called police.

Police say a 27 year old woman will appear in court in March to face a charge of failure to provide the necessities of life.