MONCTON, NB–The youngest hockey players in southeast New Brunswick will be hitting the big ice at the Moncton Coliseum this weekend.

The 23rd annual Timbits Novice Hockey Tournament runs today through Sunday with 1300 boys and girls participating.

After the tournament, the teams get to march on the ice during the intermission of one of the Moncton Wildcats’ games this weekend to showcase their participation medals.

Wildcats G-M Jeff Rose, who has three of his own children participating this year, says it’s a great experience for the youngsters.

“They get to go on the ice.  That’s a huge thrill for the kid to be able to walk on the same ice in front of thousands of people.  They get the opportunity to showcase their medal and gel as a team.”

He says tournaments like this bring future All-Stars to the ice.

“When you think about all the players from Sidney Crosby straight up to most recent players who have made the NHL, most of them have played in some capacity with a Timbits logo on their chest.”

The first games will be played at 5pm at the Moncton Coliseum, and the tournament runs until Sunday.