MONCTON, NB–Car dealerships in the Hub City are banding together to help catch thieves who have been stealing car parts off  vehicles on their lots in recent weeks.

At least three dealerships have been hit.  The thieves jack up the cars and steal the rims and tires off the vehicles.  The value is about $5000 dollars.

RCMP are investigating, but Kevin Campbell pf Campbell’s auto says the dealerships are coming together in the hopes of speeding things up, by offering a $3000 reward.

“We put a little reward out there.  We might get a little information as to who is doing this.”

Luc Lapointe from Ralleye Motors It’s believed the thefts are related and they believed the thieves knew exactly what they are doing.

“This hasn’t happened in quite sometime, and it’s a string of thefts that is going on.  We really want to get this guy, so if he is still out there and is looking to steal more wheels, hopefully we’ll catch him shortly.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Codiac RCMP.