It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, if you like snow that is.

Schools in Anglophone East and Francophone South in the Moncton, Dieppe, Riverview, Shediac and Memramcook areas are closed today.  Over nine centimetres of snow fell in the region yesterday, and it is still snowing this morning.  Temperatures are hovering around zero degrees, so that could mean for some ice pellets as well.

Our Meteorologist Richard Zurawski says there’s another 10 to 15 centimetres of snow on the way.

“It’s not over yet.  We still have a snowfall warning in effect for the Moncton region.”

But Zurawski says there’s another disturbance of a different sort coming in behind this one.

“Once this disturbance passes, we have another one moving in on Saturday, but the temperatures are going way up.  They’re going to be anywhere from five to ten degrees, so it’s unlikely we will be getting snow.  I think in my humble estimation, it’s going to be more of a brown Christmas right across the region, than it is going to be a white Christmas.”

The Public Works department in the City of Moncton will be very busy for the remainder of the day.

Spokesperson Kyle Horsman says they’ve been out clearing roads since early this morning.

“We had the Contractors and our guys out plowing since 12 o’clock, plowing and salting.”

He expects they’ve got a long day ahead of them.

“We’ll be at it all day, and probably into tomorrow as well trying to keep the roads nice and bare for motorists.”

Power outages hit the province overnight due to the weather.  NB Power customers right across New Brunswick were left in the dark this morning, with Fredericton the hardest hit. Over 4900 customers were in the dark at one point.