SAINT JOHN – A Minto man said he’s not happy the provincial government is trying to collect an overpayment of social assistance money some 15 years after the fact.

Ron Powers said he was notified by letter last month that he was overpaid $264 dollars in 1997.

He said he doesn’t remember the overpayment, nor does he recall seeing a previous letter allegedly notifying him of the problem.

“It took them 15 years to get me, give me 15 years to pay it back at $17.60 a year,” Powers said, speaking on Maritme Morning with Jordi Morgan. “And I’m sure that’ll pull the New Brunswick government out of debt.

“My $264 is going to pay for a lot of health care.”

Earlier this week, the Department of Social Development said it had recovered about $500,000 in overpayments in the past year, but was still hoping to recover about $14 million.

Powers joked that since it took the government 15 years to notify him of the issue, he’d like to take 15 years to pay it back – at $17.60 per year.