SAINT JOHN, N.B. – It’s an early Christmas present at the pumps.

The Energy and Utilities Board dropped the price for self serve regular dropped 4.2 cents a litre, at midnight, with most stations in the province selling in the $1.16 to $1.17 range.

George Murphy of the group Consumers for Fair Gas Prices tells the Rick Howe Show not even the turbulent situation in the Middle East could effect gas prices this week. “Every time that something’s something, for God’s sake, I mean if they were passing gas over in the Middle East you’d see the prices at the pumps go up. It’s not happening this time. It’s just not!”

Furnace oil dipped by 3.6 cents while propane fell just over a cent.

Diesel users can also rejoice the fuel dropped by nearly 3 cents to a $1.36 a litre.