MONCTON, NB – The son of Reveen the Impossibilist is picking up the family trade….

Ty Reveen, who lives in Salisbury, New Brunswick,  is currently on a maritime tour with his new show: Reveen: The Next Generation.

He says he’s excited to bring the show back to life, noting his dad’s act –  which spanned four decades –   was one of the most successful entertainment shows to ever tour Atlantic Canada…

“It was like the circus coming to town.   A lot of people, once they’d see the show, they were hooked.   They would come back year after year and in the last year’s of his tour, Dad was playing to four generations of people.” says the younger Reveen.

The show goes tonight at Moncton’s Capitol Theatre.

He will perform in Charlottetown on November 2nd and at the Imperial Theatre in Saint John on November 10th.