MONCTON, N.B. – Codiac RCMP have unveiled the traffic plan in the Magnetic Hill area for this weekend’s Bruce Springsteen concert.

They say the plan is similar to the one used for last month’s Nickelback show.

Corporal Mike Gaudet says lane reductions and road closures will be in place to allow for more pedestrians.

“We’re hoping that the dropoff zone is going to be used to it’s full advantage.  People can be dropped off right at the box office, which is across from Magic Mountain road, near gate number 1.”

Starting at 3pm on Sunday, traffic will be reduced to one lane on Front Mountain Road from Gorge Road to Route 126, and both roads will be treated as tow-away zones.

At 10pm, Mountain Road will be closed at Casino Drive, and Gorge Road will be closed at King’s Bridge Street to allow traffic and pedestrians to leave the concert site in a timely manner.