MONCTON, NB–Millions of dollars are expected to pour into the economy in Greater Moncton during this weekend’s Bruce Springsteen show on Magnetic Hill.

Aside from the concert itself, hotels, restaurants, stores and bars will all benefit from thousands of fans flocking to the region.

Moncton City Manager Jacques Dube says “It’s a bit difficult to measure the full impact,  but he cites one concert from 2005.  “We look at the Rolling Stones concert.  We had a report back then that showed the Rolling Stones economic impact was about $13 million.

Dube says there are priceless indirect spinoffs as well.   “Regional, national, international visibility on Moncton.  It’s a major achievement in terms of,  when Springsteen decided to come to Canada, he decided to come to two places, Toronto and Moncton.”

Promoters now say they expect to sell up to 35, 000 tickets for the Springsteen show.

Given that, Dube says a rough estimate would suggest an economic impact of  $3 to $4 million.