After an all-time record low year for forest fires in New Brunswick in 2011, this year has proven to be a much busier fire season.

310 forest fires have been reported in the province so far this season which have burned more than 358 hectares of land.

Fire Centre Duty Officer Jeff Betts says the dry conditions have caused concern, “We’re back to where we were probably ten years ago as far as the number of fires and hectares burned.  We just came out of a record low year.  2011 was   probably an all time low in New Brunswick, but with the number of fires and hectares burned and we’re right back up there again.”

Betts says despite an increase in numbers, most fires have not been that large.  “Most of our fires have been small.  We had your usual run of spring grass fires and they can be a hazard, but nothing that we had to evacuate communities or multi thousand hectare fires like we used to have.”

Betts adds with cell phones in widespread use, fires are typically reported sooner and therefore can be attacked and put out faster than ever before.