MONCTON, NB – Now that a crisis in the lobster fishery has been diffused, fisheries officials are looking at how best to avoid such problems in the future.

Christian Brun of the Maritime Fishermen’s Union says there are lots of lessons to take from the dispute which saw hundreds of fishermen blocking processing plants throughout the province.

Brun says one of those lessons learned is that processors need to make room for the local catch…

“Our harvesters have seven per cent of everything that’s being processed by New Brunswick processors.  There is no excuse for not finding a way to be able to process all of that, to be able to avoid this situation again.” says Brun.

Two weeks ago, local processors weren’t even guaranteeing that they would be buying from local fishermen due to a glut of cheap lobster from Maine.

After lengthy negotiations, they agreed to purchase local lobster and with the help of a top up from the MFU will pay 3 dollars a pound for canners and 3.50 for live market lobster.