LONDON, England – From trampoline gold medallist Rosie MacLennan to the bronze-winning women’s soccer team, Canada’s victories at the London 2012 Olympic Games were sweet.

680News reporter Carl Hanstke, who is in London, England, covering the 2012 Games, spoke with Canadians in that city about their favourite moments so far.

For some, their biggest Canadian moment was a golden one with MacLennan.

“Definitely my favourite was when we won gold on a trampoline. That was the probably the highlight so far,” one woman said.

For others, it was watching injured triathlete Paula Findlay limp across the finish line last, but refusing to quit.

Kent, from Manitoba, said his memorable moment was Antoine Valois-Fortier’s bronze medal in judo.

However, when it comes to the top Canadian story at London 2012, that title goes to the women’s soccer team.

“It was awesome — very proud of them. They did a really good job at the semifinal. They played so well and they’ve gotten better the whole time. It was a heartbreaking U.S. loss, but they rebounded so well — it was amazing,” one man said.