MONCTON, NB–It’s not often that the President and CEO of a major car manufacturer comes to Moncton.

Diane Craig of Ford paid a visit to the Mountain Woods Golf course yesterday afternoon, just as members of the Taylor Ford family came off the course after participating in yet another fundraiser.  She is doing a tour of dealerships across the country.

Craig says that is what makes the family so special.  It’s not just about building and selling cars.  “Today we are still a family owned company and I think what makes our brand special is our dealerships because they are family businesses.  They’ve been owned for years and they know the importance of serving and giving back to their communities.  That’s what makes them so exceptional.”

Craig stressed, “Our dealers are so fundamental to our success and Ford of Canada is in such a great place right now and it really is a great tribute to our dealers.  Of course, product is really important and our product offerings that we have today are the best that we’ve ever had, but our dealers are really the backbones of our success.”

Yesterdays golf tournament was just one of two fundraisers that Taylor Ford is hosting.  There’s still room for one more team in the 12th annual Hit it Fore Health golf tournament that is set for Wednesday, September 12th at the Royal Oaks golf course.