SHEDIAC, N.B. – New Brunswick fishermen cheered as a truck full of cheap Maine lobster left Shediac this afternoon with an RCMP escort.

The truck is headed back to Maine.

Earlier today, the fishermen surrounded the tractor trailer outside of a Shediac processing plant, vowing they would keep it there until its cargo rotted.

New Brunswick fishermen are steaming over the fact that local processors are buying Maine lobster at less than 2-dollars a pound and won’t be buying local lobster when the Zone 25 lobster season opens next week.

Local fishermen say with fuel, bait and employee costs, they can’t afford to match that price.

Michael Allan of Richibucto Cape says the Maine fishermen are at unfair advantage as there are fewer of them and they fish year around.

“And us, we’ve only got 10 weeks to fish and can’t even fish that… because they’ve got a thousand traps and fish year round,”  says Allan.

Debbie Thompson, who fishes out of Richibucto adds she’s been hearing some questionable things from fish plant workers about the quality of the lobster coming from Maine.

“We hear the quality is that bad, they have to dip it in bleach, and then they put Atlantic lobster on the label.  That looks bad for all of us,”  says Thompson.