MONCTON, NB – Unionized liquor store employees say the crown corporation is going about it all wrong as they try to boost sales.

In an effort to generate more revenue, NB Liquor is expanding its stable of agency liquor stores by 15.

CUPE members say enhancing and improving the service at corporate stores would be  better way to go.  

The province cut hours at its corporate-run stores by two hours recently in an effort to save money and CUPE reps suggest the stores are losing sales as a result.

NB Liquor’s CEO cites convenience as a reason for adding more agency outlets, but Danny Legere of CUPE feels people are better served by unionized staff at the corporately-run stores.

Legere says NB Liquor employees offer a better level of service with more training when it comes to product knowledge and social responsibility.

The new agency stores are expected to be up and running by October.