Halifax Olympian Ellie Black may or may not make the podium in today’s gymnastics team final, but hometown supporters say she’s already made them proud.

The 16-year-old made her Olympic debut Sunday in the team event preliminaries, and performed well enough to qualify for the individual event final in the vault.

It’s the first time Team Canada has made the event final. See the complete story on CTVolympics.ca

Neighbour Erin Flaims tells News 95.7 she’s watched Ellie grow up, and was proud of the young woman’s poise.

“I think Ellie absolutely did fantastic,” said Flaims. “She has that focus, and you could tell right away from the moment she walked into the stadium that she was going to do very, very well.”

Ellie has been close friends with Flaims’ family for the last 10 years and Flaims says it was clear long ago that Ellie had some serious talent.

“Probably about 4 years ago we knew that Ellie just had something about her that was very likely to make her into the Olympics and knew that we wanted to be part of that,” she said.

Flaims says she’s hoping today’s competition goes well, and has her fingers crossed for a medal.

Ellie will compete again as an individual on August 5.