MONCTON, N.B. – The trucking industry in Atlantic Canada is grappling with a shortage of drivers.

That’s according to the executive director of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association, Jean-Marc Picard.

Picard says the average age of truckers right now is 52 years of age, and says they aren’t seeing strong registrations by young drivers in truck driving schools.

He says he believes the reason there are so few young people considering trucking as a career option is an outdated perception of what the role a trucker entails.

But Picard says trucking firms have made great strides into improving the working environment for truckers, who spend more time with their families and are offered good benefits and health programs.

Drivers need a class one license, and there are several accredited programs being offered in the province.

Picard says right now, people coming out trucking programs are quickly being snatched up by trucking firms.