SAINT JOHN, N.B. – Atlantic Charters is once again providing medical transfers for patients on Grand Manan Island.

The company saw its contract with the province run out at the end of June, creating concern among officials that there would be delays and other issues with Ambulance New Brunswick taking over the service.

Grand Manan Mayor Dennis Green met with Health Minister Madeleine Dube yesterday and says the minister was sympathetic to their concerns.

Green says Dube pushed for an interim agreement to get Atlantic Charters flying again – and got one. “We do have an interim agreement until they (the Department of Health, Ambulance NB, and Atlantic Charters) can get together to come up with something that is agreeable to everybody.”

Green says a number of examples of patients being forced to wait for transport – including one during the meeting with the health minister – demonstrated the need to return to the previous system.