FREDERICTON, N.B. – New data from the provincial government shows a drastic decline in the number of car-moose collisions since the moose fencing was installed in 2008.

The new information has pleased both moose fence advocates and politicians alike.

Rick Doucet, Liberal MLA for Charlotte – The Isles, was part of the Graham government when the fencing was installed and says the fencing was the best option and has delivered positive results. “The fact that it’s actually a block plus the crossing areas that were set up along the highways. A lot of money was spent on the project but really, when it boils down to it, what is a life worth?”

Cathy McCollum’s fight for the fencing started in 2006, after her daughter survived a car-moose collision outside of Fredericton.

She says more work needs to be done on the issue to make New Brunswick highways safer. “There’s quite a bit of fencing there, but there needs to be more. Up north is terrible. But I think it’s working everywhere it is installed.”

More moose fencing is set to be installed along the Route 1 Gateway, the Route 8 Marysville Bypass, near Fredericton, and the Route 7 Welsford Bypass.

The provincial government reminds motorists that most car-moose collisions happen between May and October.