SAINT JOHN, N.B.- Filling up at the gas pumps will leave you a little lighter in the wallet for the next week

The New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board has increased the maximum price for self serve regular by 4.6 cents per litre to $125.4 with most stations selling in the $1.22 to $1.23 range.

George Murphy of the group “Consumers For Fair Gas Prices” says the initial summer forecast was for a lot higher prices at the pumps. “I think it was back in March the initial numbers were showing about $1.40(per litre) and then of course were readjusted at the end of April”, says Murphy. “The numbers..most of the models were showing nothing past $1.30 a litre for the summer so I don’t think we’re going to get there at $1.30 before the end of August”.

Diesel jumps by 2.7 cents per litre to $129.4 with furnace oil up 1.7 cents.

There’s virtually no change in the price for propane.