MONCTON, N.B. – A new system for alcohol sales for concerts at Magnetic Hill could be here to stay.

In previous years, alcohol could only be bought and consumed in a special roped off area.

Fans at Saturday’s Nickelback concert were carded, and those of age were given bracelets that allowed them to buy alcohol, which was licensed for sale and consumption all around the site, as opposed to a beer garden.

City manager Jacques Dube says the new system worked very well, and they will be looking at doing it again at next month’s Bruce Springsteen concert.

“We’ll evaluate it over the next week or so with the minister of public safety.  But we’re very optimistic based on the results that we’ll be able to do this at Springsteen, too.  But that’s not a decision we can make as a city, that’s a decision of the minister of public safety.”

Meanwhile, a change in the transportation plan also went off well.

About 2,000 people were bused from the Moncton Coliseum to the concert site using a private bus service.

As well, streets around the site stayed open, allowing many residents in the area to offer their driveways as parking spots for a fee.