MONCTON, NB -They may be party-animals…but beer-drinking Nickelback fans will not be penned up like livestock at tomorrow’s Magnetic Hill concert.

New liquor rules for the concert site will allow free-range beer drinking but only by those who’ve shown proof of age and recieved a special I-D bracelet.

City Manager Jacques Dube says with the site’s liquor license on the line, security will be keeping a close eye out for underage drinkers and adults who supply booze to minors…

“Contributing to the delinquency of a minor is an offence in New Brunswick and anyone caught supplying beer to underage concertgoers will be turned over to the RCMP.”  says Dube.

While some might suggest loosening the drinking restrictions might encourage more drunkenness, Dube says it’s believed it will have the opposite effect….

“What was happening in the past is because people would leave their family and friends to go into the beer pen, we probably had more over-drinkers.   There were also many instances where children were being left unattended on the concert grounds as parents would leave them and go into the beer section.”   says Dube.

Dube says the new setup will be evaluated following tomorrow’s show and, if successful, will be repeated at all future shows — including next month’s Bruce Springsteen concert.