MONCTON, NB -  It’s business as usual on the Universite de Moncton campus today, but that wasn’t the case yesterday when emergency crews cordoned off the area due to a chemical spill.

The ordeal began at around noon when two students were stacking chemicals in a storage bunker behind the university’s science building.

The school’s Director of Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry tells us one of the students was moving a two-litre bottle from one shelf to another when the container was damaged.

The students immediately evacuated the building and alerted security who in turn alerted the Moncton Fire Department.

The HazMat unit in Saint John was called in to help identify the substance, which was later determined to be dicyclopentadiene, a flammable substance that’s used in some varnishes and paints.

One of the students was taken to hospital as a precaution and later released.  

Two buildings were evacuated and a portion of University Avenue remained closed for several hours.