MONCTON, N.B. – The Petitcodiac River has a new three-year plan to renew the Petitcodiac River.

The strategy, called the “Renaissance Plan,” was drafted by former Riverkeeper Daniel LeBlanc.

He says it sets out ten priorities, the first being to finish the restoration project and clean up the river.

“And that means not just removing the solids, but actually removing most of the bacteria which people are concerned about, like coliform.”

LeBlanc says the causeway must be replaced with a 280-metre bridge span in order to reach its fullest potential.

“If there’s only the gates, which is a 40-metre opening, it will be a half-baked restoration project.”

Also tops on the priority list is a long awaited upgrade of the Greater Moncton sewage treatment plant, and the removal of the abandoned Humphreys Book dam.