MONCTON, NB -  Visitors to Downtown Moncton have been quick to take advantage of on-street parking along Main Street.

The city has marked out about a dozen spaces from Assomption Boulevard to Alma and there are plans to add 70 more over the coming weeks.

The city’s Traffic and Parking Coordinator, Stephane Thibodeau says right now, motorists are enjoying a free trial…

“The meters are no in yet.   They’re going to be coming in the next couple of weeks and we hope to begin installing them during the week of July 16th.”
  says Thibodeau.

Some turning lanes have been eliminated in order to accomodate the new spaces and Thibodeau says although you can still turn off main onto side streets, it’s advisable to use Assomption Boulevard or Gordon Street.

Thibodeau says the effectiveness of the meters will be evaluated on an ongoing basis and the real test will be how well they work in the winter months.