MONCTON, N B – As the Codiac Transpo lockout enters day two, passengers are weighing their options for getting from “point A to point B”

Senior transit planner, Marie-Claire Pierce says while some may choose to walk, hop a bike or car pool… the city is also working on a taxi chit program to off-set the cost of cab fare…

For anyone who has a monthly pass can access a taxi chit, and we’ll subsidize a second one.   Sort of a buy one – get one free sort of thing…” says Pierce.

Pierce says is encouraging employers to meet with staff who rely on the bus to get to work to see what can be done to help them during this stoppage.

“Maybe an internal car-pooling option within the workplace… or perhaps employers to consider more flexible hours for those who are looking to coordinate a ride.”   says Pierce.     

The city locked out  Codiac Transpo drivers, mechanics and servicemen yesterday… the members of  ATU 1290 have been without a contract for two years.

They’ve been in a legal strike position for three months.