SAINT JOHN, N.B.- A spokesman for the Retail Council of Canada says some progress is being made when it comes to shopping rules on some holidays in the province

Stores will be open regular hours on Sunday which is Canada Day, but closed on Monday which represents the statutory holiday.

Jim Cormier says this weekend’s situation only comes up about once every five years, but store owners and others should be able to make their own choice. “If I decide I want to close, that’s my business”, says Cormier. “If I want to decide to open, again it’s my business. If I’m a worker and I decide that I’d like to make the extra money by working on a stat day that’s fine…if I decide I want to stay home with my family on a stat day, I’m allowed to do that”.

Cormier says he has met with New Brunswick cabinet Bruce Fitch on the matter. He says Fitch recognizes the problem and wants to continue the dialogue on the situation.