HALIFAX – The Nova Scotia government says it is making progress on a year-old plan aimed at providing more services for people living with autism.

In particular, officials say increased funding has meant that most pre-school children are now being treated in an intensive early intervention program that provides one-on-one therapy.

Government figures show that 110 pre-schoolers are now taking part in early intensive behavior intervention, while the program has doubled its capacity and can serve up to 160 children.

Health Minister David Wilson says with current budget restraints the province feels it can do more by targeting autistic children at an earlier age.

However, he admits that more has to be done to improve support programs for older children and adults living with autism.

Today’s program update says the government has committed $1.3 million in new funding to develop 40 new residential spaces for people with disabilities, while another $1.3 million will allow 80 more families of children under the age of 19 to gain access to a family support funding program.