MONCTON, N.B. – City officials are stressing that the lockout of Codiac Transpo workers was not made lightly.

They say three months under threat of a strike had taken its toll on the transit system, and with no movement from the union, the only option to get the matter resolved was to shut it down.

City Manager Jacques Dube says the city’s offer of 2.75 per cent over five years is more than fair.

“The City of Moncton is not in the position to offer annual wage adjustments that far exceed what all other hard working people in Moncton receive in these challenging economic times.  The city will never agree to increase wages to the tune of  4.2 per cent per year as requested by the union.”

Dube says he’s reached out to the union on a number of occasions in an attempt to get them back to the bargaining table, but he’s been told the union won’t budge unless the city makes substantial concessions.