CHIBOUGAMAU, Que. – Supervisors at Point Lepreau generating station lacked adequate training on a piece of test equipment when there was a spill of radioactive heavy water last month.

NB Power’s manager of regulatory affairs at Point Lepreau, Paul Thompson, said staff received some training when they were sent to the manufacturer, but there was a problem with the actual procedure during the test and supervisors could not provide guidance.

Speaking at a meeting of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission today in Chibougamau, Que., Thompson said procedures for other tests have been reviewed to ensure the problem does not happen again.

Three hundred litres of heavy water leaked May 21, when a relief valve on a piece of test equipment opened prematurely while staff were pressure testing the heat transfer system.

The water was recovered for reuse.

Point Lepreau said there was no risk to workers, the public or the environment.

The nuclear plant has been out of service since March 2008 for a refurbishment that’s meant to extend the life of the reactor by 25 years.

It is scheduled to return to service this fall.