One of the heirs to the Mary Thibeault estate tells News 95.7 Mayor Peter Kelly was supposed to step down as executor of the estate two months ago.  

But those two months have passed, and Kelly still hasn’t resigned his executorship.

Five heirs to the estate are now taking legal action, and have filed a letter with the probate court asking for Kelly to be removed as executor of estate.

“The principle is that Peter Kelly said he was going to resign from his executorship and I think (he hasn’t done it yet) because he’s busy and hasn’t been able to do it all right and finish it,” says heir Gregory Oldfield. “But, we thought we’d just precipitate the whole thing by sending in the letter. Then he sort of has to get on with it regardless of what his other commitments are.”

Kelly’s alleged mishandling of the Thibeault estate was made public in February. Four days after the story went to press, Kelly announced he would not be re-offering for mayor.