MONCTON, N.B.  -  The issue of panhandling is growing worse in downtown Moncton as the weather grows warmer, and businesses on Main Street say they’re getting fed up.

Downtown Moncton Inc. Executive Director Anne Poirier-Basque says panhandlers are becoming aggressive.

“They ask someone two or three times, and they’ll walk down the street with the person until they give.”

Poirier-Basque says part of the problem is that we’re just too nice.

“Moncton is known as a city that’s very generous, and that we give.  We give a lot to panhandlers.”

She’s asking people to give to community organizations such as Youthquest, United Way or Karing Kitchen, instead of handing money over to panhandlers.

Another reason to give to organizations instead of panhandlers, is that there are two municipal by-laws that make panhandling in Moncton illegal.